Kids Classes

Sunday School


Sunday School takes place ... you guessed it ... on Sundays! Classes begin at 9am with a short time of music and prayer together in the upstairs chapel. Then kids go to their age-appropriate classroom with their teachers for 45 minutes of interactive learning.  We are currently hosting two classes, grades K-4 and 5-8. In addition, there is an adult class perfect for parents at the same time. If there is interest, we may also host a high school class. 

Kids Communion Class


 This is an interactive class to teach kids the meaning of Holy Communion and how to serve. While their homemade bread bakes, they learn all about the Last Supper that Jesus celebrated with his disciples. At the end, we celebrate Holy Communion together. Parents are invited to stay or drop off. Kids are invited to help serve Communion in worship if they would like, and receive certificates of participation. If you know of a child (generally 3rd to 5th grade) who would be interested, please contact the church for the next available class.

Youth Confirmation


 Confirmation classes are for teens and others interested in learning the basics of Methodism and the Christian faith. Classes meet for ten 2-hour sessions, followed by an overnight retreat. Early high school is usually an excellent age to go through these classes, and parents may take the class alongside their teen! Each confirmand selects an adult mentor in the church to meet with during the process. And each will be given the option to join the church (and to be baptized if they have not already been baptized at an earlier age).

Baptism Class


The United Methodist Church baptizes people of any age and mental capacity as we believe it is God's grace that is key, rather than our own human understanding. Infant and child baptism is meaningful for any family who wishes to raise the child in the church where together they can grow in their faith.  All baptisms are scheduled during Sunday morning worship as the service includes congregational vows. A baptism class is required for parents interested in having their child baptized. If an older child wishes to be baptized, an interactive class is offered for the parent and child together. For more information, please contact us, and you may also read more here on United Methodist beliefs about baptism

Acolyting Class


Acolyting means lighting and extinguishing the candles at the beginning and ending of worship. Classes are offered to teach kids the meaning of lighting candles as well as the logistics and safety.  As soon as a child is tall enough to light the candles you can sign them up for a class! For more information, please contact the church office.